Kill every enemy!

While your survival you can come across 4 types of enemies of different sizes and different ways of fighting. But everyone wants to kill you, whether in the style of "Kamikaze" or by a tactical shooting from a safe distance.

Dominate time, balance of defense and attack. Kill.

As a character Gaunter you are able to slow down and sometimes even stop the time. You can also protect yourself by using magical shield Quen, or cause an overwhelming series of explosions and kill everything alive.


Supa Quen


Look for various improvements and be stronger!

Collect different types of improvements on the map that will often save your life. Whether you are as fast as a jaguar, as strong as a bear, no one will stop you!

Smash all the bosses along the way!

Compete in unique boss fights, where you will fight to the death! Was Spiky Jack light as a toy for you? Just wait for Fatty Joe or Crazy Dave!


Another game I wouldn't have a problem paying for. Bubble Blood are circles. But don't be fooled at first glance, the graphics are simplified, but that only means more space for action and violence, because the game space is clearer and allows more pools of blood and projectiles!

Bubble Blood offers a sophisticated system of upgrades, skins, weapons, several bosses, power ups, just everything you need from a professional game. The rough atmosphere is further underlined by the lyrics like "You've fallen asleep forever" or "You overdid it with Madmonq".

For powerup texts, I was expecting a bit of a badass voice like Quad damage / Multikill from Quake / Unreal. What I miss about the graphics is definitely the animation of the expressions on the faces of the characters.

I can not give anything other than the full number, kickass game.


David Čápka

This game has probably everything I would expect from this type of game. I like the graphics, the black background and the colors on it, everything stands out nicely, including the blood, which is important here.

The point of the game is to get the highest score you can get by killing bubbles. You can use slow-motion in the game, which I really like. Unfortunately, you will probably use it non-stop and it loses a bit on the speed of the game. I only got to the second boss, who always mysteriously killed me somehow.

I'm glad that the author added sound control in the menu, a working save and a range of weapons, skins and enhancements so that the game doesn't bore you so easily.


Samuel Hél

Super addictive game, in which we got stuck for a while during its evaluation: D

The idea as such is actually very simple, but the final design is great. There are blood effects, sounds and music, the possibility of improving the weapon, using secondary weapons, turning on the shield or slow motion effects, which - at least for us - helped us a lot with the first boss.

Overall, it kind of reminds me of something like slitherio, just a simple game in which you get stuck for a few hours.


Michal Čápka

Eliminate everyone already now!

You can download the game for free below. More updates and news will be released in the future!
The Android version was also intended, but with the increase in new features and options, it is practically unrealistic to make a mobile version of the game. It is difficult to do good control on a mobile device and even more difficult with the presence of dashes and three superpowers (slow-mo, shield, explosion). See for yourself.

Bubble Blood

Wholesome action 2D shooter with a large range of weapons, abilities, bosses and fast pace. You play the role of Gaunter - an abnormal creature with a reward written on its head.